Aggreggates – Sand washing

Sand washing involves vigorously mixing the material, in this case sand, in a water environment.

About sand washing

Sand washing involves vigorously mixing the material, in this case sand, in a water environment. At the same time, the efficiency of this process also depends on many other parameters, such as:

The amount of water used in the process
Water pressure
Physico-thermal properties of contaminants
Dynamic interactions
Water temperature
Granulation of the washed raw material
The most efficient and effective equipment in this mining sector includes:
L-PUR® pumps
L-PUR® hydrocyclones
L-PUR® pipes
L-PUR® dewatering screens
Dewatering wheel
L-PUR® spiral washers
The polyurethane dewatering screen sieves stands out in terms of durability. It is highly abrasion-resistant and does not corrode. It is also self-cleaning, due to the special conical slot and mesh shapes. The L-PUR® sieves used in the dewaterers extend the service life of the equipment, thus saving money of the plant and company. We manufacture dewatering screen sieves in various variants, including sieves with reinforcements or „pockets”, adjusting them to your needs and expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact our specialists
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    We manufacture hydrocyclones on the basis of our L-PUR® polyurethane and also regenerate equipment parts using a polyurethane coating. The great advantage of this material is its high abrasion resistance, making a new or reconditioned hydrocyclone more durable than a metal or rubber-lined model.

    The service life of the equipment is significantly extended. You save resources and increase the efficiency of your plant, i.e. you earn more. Feel free to contact us. We will prepare an individual offer.

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      The L-85 system is used for the separation of aggregates, from pre-screening to final screening, using wet and dry techniques. You can easily assemble and disassemble it and have the possibility to use different sieves. The tensioning and supporting elements are well protected against abrasion. The soft top layer prevents clogging of the holes and the conical shape of the mesh ensures a self-cleaning effect. The components manufactured from L-PUR® polyurethane are distinguished by their increased service life and therefore cost-effectiveness. Thanks to properties such as vibration dampening, they also improve operating conditions.
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        Pipes and fittings are sensitive components. They wear out and get damaged. That is why, at Lubas, we manufacture them from L-PUR® polyurethane which is distinguished by its increased durability and flexibility as well as its low weight. Compared to metal parts, polyurethane pipes and components have a longer service life which translates into significant savings.

        The high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage minimises the risk of failure and downtime. We manufacture tubes to order. Please feel free to contact us.

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          We manufacture spare parts, such as hydraulic chamber inserts for various types and models of pumps, including MF (Warmann), PG (Habermann), OŁ (Linatex) or HPK (Metso) with the application of our proprietary blend – polyurethane L-PUR®. We also offer a reconditioning services for pump casings, cap plates and pressure plates involving the filling of the dented areas by flooding them with L-PUR® elastomer. Due to the exceptional durability of the material, we provide the remanufactured part with performance similar to the one of a new component. Feel free to contact us!
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