Concrete prefabrication

Prefabrication in the construction industry refers to the production of large-scale individual parts of a structure in prefabrication plants and assembling them entirely on site.

About prefabrication

It is a broad area of operation that includes, for example, prefabricated concrete walls, ceilings, staircases or post-and-beam structures. Year after year, the prefabrication is changing. Initially it functioned as the so-called “big slab”, i.e. prefabricated concrete slabs, mainly due to the high demand for housing in post-war construction, but with the 1990s came completely new trends.

Prefabricated concrete – saving money and time
Polyurethane elements for concrete prefabrication
L-PUR® polyurethanes in the concrete industry
Solutions for the concrete industry by Lubas
L-PUR® polyurethanes in the concrete industry
Machine elements for the production of concrete elements
Beams for cleaning

Thanks to their specific properties, our L-PUR® polyurethane is ideal as a material for components such as beams for cleaning. Due to the fact that they are simultaneously smooth, flexible and abrasion-resistant, they do not damage or soil other components and contribute to a higher quality of work.

Their durability is also of great importance, thus extending their service life. Find out more about our offer and contact our representatives. Find out how L-PUR® solutions support the concrete industry.

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    Brick grabs

    Among the numerous solutions for the concrete industry, we have also prepared brick grabs made of L-PUR® polyurethane. They ensure comfortable and safe handling of products: they do not dirty or damage them. At the same time, they are durable, resistant to abrasion and deformation, which translates into an extended service life and financial benefits. Brick grabs are ideal for packing small concrete parts. We tailor their width and length to suit our customers’ needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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      Bumpers and shock absorbers
      Our L-PUR® elastomeric material is distinguished by its high resistance to mechanical damage, impacts, cracks, tears and abrasion. Bumpers and shock absorbers made of it perfectly protect structures, extend their service life and ensure savings. We are looking forward to doing business with you. We offer a variety of solutions for the concrete industry that help to increase work efficiency and reduce fixed operating costs. We will be happy to tell you more about the details. Feel free to contact our specialists.
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        Bucket linings

        Polyurethane concrete mixing bucket mats and linings effectively protect metal surfaces against corrosion, extending the service life of this element. Due to the properties of L-PUR® polyurethane, i.e. high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage and the ability to dampen vibrations and sounds, our mats improve process conditions and ensure longer trouble-free operation of the equipment. They reduce the cost of servicing and repairs. We manufacture them to order. Contact us and ask for details concerning our offer.

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          The slides offered by Lubas are manufactured from L-PUR® polyurethane which strengthen the properties such as smoothness and abrasion resistance. They perform their function well ensuring smooth movement of the work surfaces between the production stage and the seasoning zone. They improve slip and protect work surfaces from wear and tear helping to extend the life of equipment. They thus reduce the need for maintenance and repairs bringing significant financial benefits to the company and the plant. Find out more about our solutions. Feel free to contact us!

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            Wheels made from our L-PUR® polyurethane effectively protect rolling surfaces from wear and dampen vibrations and therefore the associated noise. At the same time, they are extremely durable, abrasion-resistant and damage-resistant. This means that you increase work comfort and at the same time reduce repairs to both the wheels themselves and the rolling surfaces. An additional advantage of polyurethane wheels is that they can withstand higher loads compared to rubber parts. We manufacture various types of wheels with parameters adapted to the conditions and needs. Please check our offer!

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