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In screening machines, screens are the essential elements that determine the profitability of the entire sorting process.

About screening

Screening machines alone are not able to ensure efficiency and productivity. In this case, the success of the process relies on the individual components of the machine, which, when properly selected and professionally installed, contribute to improving equipment performance.

In screening machines, screens are the essential elements that determine the profitability of the entire sorting process. Why is that? It’s because the separation and cleaning of the aggregate actually take place on the screens. Improperly chosen accessories, in this case screening plant’s’ screens, can not only decrease work efficiency or cause frequent downtime but, even worse, lead to machine damage.


An effective seal between the spray tube and the side of the sifter will prevent water from escaping from the sifter, speeding up work and increasing productivity. For this purpose, we have developed cones manufactured from L-PUR® polyurethane which is more abrasion resistant than standard rubber.

We manufacture them according to a given order, precisely adapting them to the model of sifter you use. Contact us and we will provide you with the details and prepare an individual offer.

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    We manufacture Binder and Livell membrane mats from our L-PUR® polyurethane. This is an extremely flexible and durable material which extends the service life of parts up to several times and reduces costs. By alternately tightening and loosening the mats, a self-cleaning effect is achieved, i.e. screening efficiency and quality are increased.

    The mats are used for the screening (wet and dry) of construction materials, industrial aggregates, salt or ores, among others, in the mining industry and in glass recycling processes. Contact us and discover new solutions for your industry.

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      Modular panels

      Modular panels for aggregate separation, manufactured from our L-PUR® polyurethane, operate excellently under even the toughest conditions. We have tested them in the world’s largest open-pit copper mine, Chuquicamata in Chile, among others. They have a longer service life. They operate twice as long as standard sieves which reduces maintenance costs.

      On top of this, they provide repeatable screening quality, a self-cleaning effect and quiet operation. We customise the panels in terms of design, screening area and polyurethane parameters. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the details of the solution.

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        Spray nozzles

        Spray nozzles, made from the L-PUR® polyurethane developed by our company, ensure effective washing of aggregates on sifters even under the harshest conditions. They are distinguished by their increased resistance to abrasion and clogging by contaminants and this translates into higher process quality with longer machine life and lower operating costs.

        We manufacture one-piece and two-piece nozzles with ¾ BSP threads and holes of several diameters (including matching sockets). Please check out our offer.

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          Tensioned sieves
          Tensioned sieves manufactured from the L-PUR® polyurethane developed by our company successfully replace those made from rubber or steel without the need to adjust the sifter. Reinforced with a rope or steel bar, the flexible sieves flex during installation which improves their grip and, as a result, their screening performance. Moreover, the sieve meshes are trapezoidal in shape so that they clean themselves. Depending on the application or operating conditions, we provide them with a hardness of 65-85 ShA. We produce sieves on the basis of drawings and overview photographs with a measurement sheet. We are looking forward to doing business with you.
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