Concrete ready-mix

Concrete has been one of the basic and most popular building materials for years.

About ready-mix

It is used in many sectors, but is undoubtedly used most frequently in the construction and renovation sector. Its versatile properties contribute to the fact that there are many companies on the market that manufacture and distribute concrete.

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L-PUR® Blades and scrapers

We have prepared the widest range of replacement blades and scrapers on the market for all types of mixers from well-known manufacturers. They are extremely resistant to abrasion due to the fact that they are manufactured from L-PUR® polyurethane. This extends their service life while reducing your plant and company’s financial outlay. We supply custom-made products tailored to the purpose and needs, with a coating of the right thickness and matching the shape of the mixer. We are looking forward to doing business with you. Please contact our specialists.

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    Steel Blades and scrapers

    We offer a wide range of metal parts for plants or machinery where polyurethane is less effective. This includes fourteen different types of highly abrasion-resistant castings, chrome carbide-bonded steels, as well as parts coated with tungsten carbide (widia) or tungsten carbide coatings with the highest available wear resistance.

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      Brake bend for concrete

      The brake bend for concrete manufactured from L-PUR® polyurethane is superior to the standard steel one in many respects. It is much lighter and has a handle for easy handling. It also does not need to be disassembled to clean the pump system. It is distinguished by its high resistance to abrasion and tearing as well as dynamic loads. So you gain greater convenience and efficiency with extended service life, i.e. lower costs. Feel free to contact us. We offer many brake bend variants and we tailor them to your needs.

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        L-PUR® Mixer linings
        We offer mixer linings manufactured from our L-PUR® polyurethane. This material is distinguished by a service life several times longer than that of other plastics and steel plates. It is highly resistant to abrasion. It protects metal components from corrosion and at the same time effectively dampens vibrations and noise. Flexibility is also a major advantage of polyurethane linings. We produce them in various variants, according to their purpose and requirements. Contact us and ask for individual offer for your company.
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          Steel Mixer linings

          We offer linings made from the most popular abrasion-resistant casting alloys with hardness up to 62 HRC and multilayered chrome carbide-bonded steels with hardness up to 64 HRC. We also have less popular linings made from ceramics, manganese steel, Hardox, and L-PUR® polyurethane. We are capable of producing custom linings from any of the above materials for any mixer.

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