Hillhead 2024

June is approaching fast and this means that we will soon be attending the next industry trade fair, to which you are cordially invited! Hillhead – as they are referred to – will take place from 25-27 June 2024 in Buxton, UK.

Hillhead trade fair getting bigger and bigger

In 2022, more than 600 exhibitors took part in the fair. This year, the organisers have decided to increase the indoor space, allowing more stands to be exhibited. This means even more opportunities to network and share experiences! All the more reason to look forward to this event.

Hillhead – Mining, construction and recycling industry

Hillhead is one of the most iconic exhibitions for the mining, construction and recycling industry. That’s why our stand will feature L-PUR® polyurethane products dedicated to these industries.

L-PUR® bestsellers

We will be sure to present our bestsellers, which include:

L-PUR® polyurethane screensModular, segmented – these play a key role during the screening process, providing machines with efficiency and productivity so as to minimise the risk of downtime as much as possible.  Lubas’ L-PUR® screens are distinguished by their longer service life compared to standard screens, as well as their reproducible screening quality.
L-PUR® scrapersWe offer more than 500 types of scrapers for all types of mixers from well-known manufacturers. Our products are characterised by high abrasion resistance. In addition, they are ‘tailor-made’ – the thickness and shape of the product are individually selected to suit the shape of the mixer.
L-PUR® platesL-PUR® polyurethane liners are an effective way of reducing the adhesion of transported material. We make plates that are resistant to abrasion, dynamic loads and corrosion and have excellent noise and vibration damping.
HydrocyclonesAre used for thickening sludge and segregating solids. We manufacture hydrocyclones on the basis of our L-PUR® polyurethane and also regenerate equipment parts with polyurethane coating. We offer spare parts of our own production, compatible with hydrocyclones:

Krebs, ZAM Kęty, AKW,CDE, Cavex
Lubas Bestsellers

The above product groups are just a substitute of the more than 50,000 products offered by Lubas!

Where can you find us?

Our specialists are waiting for you at booth: Pavilion PB 33. They will be pleased to present the properties and advantages of our polyurethane products and the range of possibilities we are able to offer, tailoring the realisation of your order to your needs. See you there!

Stand: Pavilion PB 33

Hillhead Quarry
Buxton, UK
June, 25-27 2024

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