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Floor and wall liners for concrete mixers

Our company manufactures hard-wearing liners for concrete mixer drums from L-PUR elastomers, which are intended for all types of concrete mixers, both planetary and twin-shaft mixers. Very high resistance to abrasion, high-flexibility, and the smooth and slippery surface make L-PUR polyurethane ideal for use in concrete industry.

Our company provides individual solutions suited to every client; we manufacture L-PUR boards with different thicknesses and dimensions.

Floor and wall liners for concrete mixers

Floor and wall liners for concrete mixers

Floors manufactured using the L-PUR technology:

  • are highly resistant to abrasion
  • provide ideal solutions for every mixer
  • are simple to assemble and dismantle
  • prevent the adhesion of concrete while the mixer drum is easy to keep clean
  • guarantee quiet operation of the mixing elements
  • are resistant to mechanical damage
  • are made from a non-corrosive material resistant to all types of lubricants, oil and technical fluids.

Special solutions relating to the protection of probes and valve areas.

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