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Pipes, elbows and splitters with L-PUR coating

Over the many years of its operation, Lubas has developed and implemented numerous patents and innovative solutions
for almost any industry.

One of these solution is to coat the inside and outside of fittings for transporting bulk materials (and others) with a layer of L-PUR polyurethane, increasing the lifespan of the coated components almost several times and significantly reducing the noise level.

The L-Pur coating application technology allows us to apply it on such components as:

  1. pipes (round and square),
  2. all types of elbows,
  3. brakes,
  4. splitters (all types),
  6. bucket elevator steps,
  7. pipe reducers,
  8. flanges,
  9. adapters,
  10. tees,
  11. redlers,
  12. elastic sleeves,

and many more…

Pipes, elbows and splitters with L-PUR coating

Pipes, elbows and splitters with L-PUR coating

All you have to do is ask, and our professional staff will surely recommend the most beneficial solution for you.

Advantages of L-Pur coaring:

  • very high resistance to abrasion,
  • protection of coated components agains corrosion,
  • reduced friction in high-speed transport,
  • depending on the intended location, it is possible to create L-Pur coatings that are resistant to chemical agents,
  • inspection intervals increased by several times,
  • no need for additional seals,
  • silent operation of equipment coated with L-PUR.
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