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Polyurethane sieves

The material used (polyurethane elastomer), thanks to its unique features, provides:

  • High durability of sieves,
  • Repeatable sieving quality,
  • Self-cleaning effect,
  • Low noise levels.

We offer many sieve design solutions that allow you to choose a suitable solution for each screen model.

Material used

The method of attachment

Sieve size depends on the mount method but we have ALL the mounting options available on the market, including the most popular:

  • Pin mounting – 3 types including replacement B-30 pins for STAINHAUS
  • Strip mounting – 5 types including replacement strips for ISENMAN
  • Sieve body mounting – 7 types

The most popular sieve modules are the dimensions 30x300x1000. Sieve production capacity is for mesh size from 0.4 mm to 250 mm. We have MATS for dewatering bucket wheels from all manufacturers. We have sieve mats as replacements for screens from BINDER, LIVELL, IFE and other manufacturers.

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