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Road construction machinery

Compactor mats

We manufacture mats for compactors from all manufacturers. Our elements perfectly cooperate with the equipment and thanks to high resistance to abrasion ensure long and maintenance-free operation.

We can deliver elements in the form of plates of different thicknesses as well as profiled mats with fittings. Depending on the needs of the plates may have different hardness.

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Maszyny drogowe

Roller scrapers

Our scrapers are the perfect solution when you need to protect roller surfaces from sticking elements.

With an outstanding resistance to abrasion, L-PUR-T scraper does not require frequent adjustment as in the case of steel and rubber scrapers.

With special modifiers, our L-PUR-T is ready for operation at elevated temperature.

We can supply the elements in the form of strips, drilled strips (technical drawing required) as well as elements reinforced with a steel profile.

L-PUR elements in tracked machines

We offer the perfect solution in the form of L-PUR track shoes, which can be used in the following machines:

  • Concrete grading machines
  • Asphalt milling machines

Our parts perfectly protect both steel track parts and the surface on which the machine operates.

With many years of experience, our L-PUR provides high abrasion resistance and resistance to cracking.

Our elements can be found in machines manufactured by:

  • Wirtgen,
  • Caterpillar,
  • Vögele,
  • Dynapac and others.

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